If it is a new laptop I bought, if you notice during regular use, can greatly extend the life of laptop, notebook using the main considerations are the following. Can take a look.
1. battery using
do note, using Exchange electric Shi don't put battery took off with, took off battery using on machine no is benefits, if you where of area voltage or power not is normal of, and you and in work in the, suddenly to a power, you by do of work white do yiwai, machine no has battery of protection machine also may will burned Board, to protection battery and put battery took off using, last put machine Board burned, A battery can with one two years, with bad has for a battery also on hundreds of Yuan money just, you of machine burned Board spent can more than hundreds of Yuan money has,, machine with of almost scrap has and battery is is new of has necessary did? don't to a hundreds of Yuan of battery and scrap a Taiwan tens of thousands of Yuan of machine.
2. notebook into liquid
notebook in usually using in the most easy occurred of fault is into liquid, As stated in your machine using the misfortune into the liquid, immediately press and hold the power switch for more than 3 seconds, forced to shut down or pull plug and pull the battery. Then put the battery and optical drive, remove the detachable part.
3. charging note
battery are has charging and discharging times limit, Qian three times of charging Shi is is important of, must to in as put finished electric of situation Xia is machine himself shut machine Hou again charging, Qian three times charging, need for more long time of charging, General should continuous charging 8 hours, and yihou each charging Qian to as will its power with finished, free charging and discharging also will effect its life, usually using of when battery discharge to 10% Left and right you can recharge, do not discharge to 0%, to charge at a time. 2-3 hours a general shutdown, power on the 4-5 hour battery. IBM notebook below 95% will charge, COMPAQ laptop is about 90% will be charged, this is designed to avoid damage caused by repeated charging and discharging the battery. Please conduct a deep discharge in about a month, is discharged to about 5% per note--not to turn off the machine when recharging the battery is fully discharged, discharged batteries may result in battery power in scrapped. Usual laptop need to deliberately remove the battery, if the notebook is not used for a long time, please charge the battery to 50% store.
4. LCD maintenance
LCD screen is the most delicate part laptop, costs often account for notebook total cost of around 30%, so its maintenance must in the first place. LCD display avoid collisions, do not draw on the screen, nor on it with his finger pointing. If there is a protective film, best not to tear, although this is not very good, but at least the display can keep away from dust, fingerprints and grease. In case of some dirty things on the screen, you can try and wipe clean with a dry cloth, if you can't, you can use a soft cotton cloth dipped into industrial alcohol or glass cleaner (not too much, once the liquid into the screen dead) wipe gently. Of course, it is best to use special screen cleaning solution, so you can achieve the best results. Last, to note of is don't in screen Shang pressure weights, now many notebook computer of top cover are using has strength is big of magnesium aluminum even is titanium, but notebook computer after all not used to Dang "pad back" of!
5. hard disk of maintenance
consider to notebook computer hard disk of mobile problem, its seismic performance has is good, but also is should note mobile Shi don't had slammed, more not to knock fell, Of course better not turned on mobile laptops.
6. optical drive, floppy disk drive maintenance
notebook optical drive for size considerations, very thin. And CD is stuck on the shaft, so try not to use inferior or irregular disc, so easily damaged head. In use for some time with a special CD cleaning clean shaven head. Diskette drive maintenance and desktop, do not use inferior and even moldy platters, with special cleaning disc cleaning on a regular basis.
7. mouse, keyboard, maintenance
notebook mouse with three: TrackStick and touchpad, trackball. Trackball is rare, which is analogous to the mechanical mouse ball, removed clean when dirty. TrackPoint is simple and, if necessary, as long as the replacement of a dedicated mouse hat can be. The touchpad is more trouble, replacement and maintenance you can do it at all, so that when we use must be careful not to use the greasy hands to operate, no sharp objects in the description above, if its surface is dirty, wipe clean with a cloth damped in water.
notebook computer of maintenance is combined in usually of points drip drops in the of, as switch LCD Shi to light open light shut, so as not to led to connection line damaged; out carry Shi best using dedicated of notebook computer package, and remember will package of zipper buckle are buckle good; usually will it put in a compared clean of place, don't too cold, also not too hot; best in power of situation Xia plug pulled notebook computer of peripherals,. If you can treat yourself to on a normal PC, it will prolong your life.
place to use moisture-proof dust-proof to avoid long time trial.
always clean up systems junk, system maintenance with optimized master.
a, and note LCD of protection
LCD of nursing film don't demolition off, can avoid dust and the fingerprint; don't using sharp items, as ballpoint pen, directly contact LCD, that will may makes LCD designated injury; notebook cannot bear overweight of items put in its above, may will led to LCD rupture, to note products packaging bags in the logo of maximum bear weight; can using industrial alcohol or glass clean agent,, Some on a soft cotton cloth, gently wipe the LCD screen in a linear way, but be careful cleaning not excessive, so as not to flow into the crack in the LCD, LCD lines caused short circuits and corrosion.
II, maintenance of attention
heat is one of the chemical activity of killer, stuck for a long time will not only cause the battery temperature is too high, relatively high temperature can also affect the battery's chemical activity in itself, over time after a long time, the chemical energy of the battery will gradually reduce and finally the battery's holdover time is reduced. Therefore, clients that use external power supply for a long time, after the battery should try to remove the battery, ensure the battery's chemical activity in the best condition! If the battery without the battery at least once a month for a long time, making it burst discharge. When I first made the laptop, the battery should be sufficient for eight hours in order to allow the battery to maintain the best condition.
c, maintenance of attention to the keyboard
keyboard notebook computer users most frequently in touch with part of the years down the keyboard and will accumulate dust, the dust with a clean paint brush in the gap between the Qing Qing, or use a general cleaning camera lens for high pressure tank, blow out the dust. Above the keyboard you can use steady clean cleaner sprayed on a soft cloth, then glossed over the keyboard, would not only be grease on your keyboard can be easily removed, can also increase the friction between the keyboard and fingers, making the words more smoothly. But do be careful not to water on the keyboard, which can lead to serious damage of the internal printed circuit and physical danger. If we are not careful the water should immediately cut off the power, remove the battery, then look for professionals to deal with, do not disassemble, could increase damage.
four, and note hard disk of using
hard disk generally most vulnerable of when is in boot and the shut machine of when, boot Shi hard disk activated, motor of turned number also not tends to stable, if at vibration of words easy produced disc injury caused bad road, and shut machine Shi is is general using who often because hard disk disc not completely still, on any move, at also is easy caused hard disk of hurt. In addition, the notebook should try to use under stable conditions, avoid the train, car would shake the place to operate a computer, this can extend the life of hard drives!
v, note, floppy disk drive protection
smoke should try to avoid when using optical drive in a computer, the nicotine in cigarettes, would gather on the CD laser head, leading to read bad; do not use poor-quality discs, irregularly shaped discs, or risk serious damage to laser head usually available CD cleaner, clean the CD read head. Floppy drive as well, try not to be too long and may have slight mouldy floppy disks to read, usually in computer consumables shop can purchase a cleaning Tablet more than 10 bucks to do maintenance can extend the life of the read-write head.
six, note fans care
should periodically check for poor dust caused by cooling fan, and shadow to the stability of the computer. If there is dust free little brushes, stretching into the fan inside, gently brushing, dust can be brushed out. ASUS laptop, just a machine, automatically testing your computer's fans, if turned on, fan is no response, we recommend that you contact the service station to avoid engine damage caused by overheating.
seven, pay attention to the touchpad used
should keep hands clean when using the touchpad, so as not to run the mouse pointer. If the surface dirt, use a soft cloth with water and wipe gently. Touch pad uses the induction principle, do not use sharp objects to write, and do not need to use the weight, so as to avoid damage and distortion.
eight, and other note matters
light open light shut LCD Shang cover, to avoid LCD connection line for Shi force overweight and loose, led to screen flashing; if you of notebook computer screen for around on both sides type of card shoots design, opened Shi sides to Shi force consistent, to avoid card locks for Shi force not are and fracture; avoid free placed notebook computer, prevent for errors sat and led to LCD rupture; Dang received up notebook computer to purses Shi, remember Department Shang internal of buckle with, To avoid has no intention of of opened led to dropped and damaged; notebook computer of purses usually load is after design of, in General back attached is must no problem of, but into too much of debris is may makes straps overload and fracture; usually do not will notebook computer long time exposure in overheating of car box in the, that will led to notebook computer parts early aging; should regularly update drive program, to guarantee notebook computer of compatibility and stability, regularly backup notebook in the of important information, to reduced data loss of risk; unless has special description Or notebook computers, all peripheral interface not powering on when connecting peripherals; notebook is a high-frequency electronic devices, you should avoid distractions such as mobile, cannot be placed on the laptop that is running, otherwise the phone may lead to panic or automatically shutdown your notebook.