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Hard disk drive letter confusion issues

After installing a second hard drive on the computer, with the first hard disk drive letter confusion issues. Today, teach you how to solve the problem of multiple hard drive drive letter confusion.
, shielded from the disk with BIOS screen from disk. Steps: two hard drives connected in a master-slave order, enter the BIOS program. In the "Standard CMOS Features" option from a pan parameter is set to "NONE", the master is set to start, restart your computer.
However, from the Pan shielding in pure DOS mode will not recognize, can only be used under Windows.
2, repartitioning
both drives in order of master-slave connection from the disk into logical partitions, naturally after the disk drive into the main disk.
, set the operating system under the window 2000 system settings: click the "start" menu, open the Control Panel, open administrative tools in the control panel-> computer management, and then open the storage disk management->, find the need to resize the partition with the right mouse button, select "change drive letter and paths" option to adjust. BACK PAGE