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How to restore the system boot menu

When the system after installation, restart the computer will find the system menu does not appear, Win2000 and WinXP will not start. So, today we talk about how to restore the system boot menu.
by set the boot order in the BIOS to "CD priority boot" for the Win2000 installation CD into the CD drive, Jing Ru installation interface, press "r" to repair, repair items and then press "r" selected "using the emergency repair process to repair Windows 2000", select the "manual fix".
to "select the fix task window"-> "[x] Verify Windows 2000 system files"-> "continue". Begin to repair the boot sector.
Next, press the "l" key to let the installer automatically find Windows 2000 could not start because. Find the need to recover Windows 2000, press ENTER key to recover.
Finally, using the Windows XP installation disc to restore XP system. BACK PAGE