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System not responding problem

Sometimes XP system shutdown or automatic reset stops at the "save system settings", indicates that the system does not respond anymore. This occurs because when the system is running add-ins too much, is not the cause.
solution method: first, see what files are currently running. Hold down the CTRL + ALT + DELETE keys simultaneously, bring up the "Windows Task Manager", click "process" to view. Then, click on the "start" menu, in the "run" type "Msconfig" command in the pop-up "system configuration utility" dialog box, click the "launch" label, some infrequently used programs can be removed.
again, if fragmented on the hard disk will cause the system to shut down or restart time is too long. This should keep the fragmentation of your hard disk for scanning. In addition, if you set the sound file at shutdown or logoff time, similar phenomena also appears if the sound file is damaged.

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